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Is it abrasive? Will it damage my enamel?Updated 2 years ago

The powder is ultra-fine and nonabrasive- and when it blends with the water on your damp brush, it becomes a paste. Therefore, it will not damage your enamel. Relative Dentin abrasivity (RDA) is a guide to measure abrasiveness for dental products, determining how abrasive a dental toothpaste is to the enamel.

We recommend only using toothpaste that has an RDA below 200. An RDA above 250 can damage the enamel, and toothpaste typically has an RDA of around 150-200. For instance, Colgate has a super-ultra whitening formula with an RDA of 200.

Clay, used in our Powdered Mineral Toothpaste and Mineral Toothpaste, has an RDA of around 100 (nonabrasive and less than commercial toothpaste). Baking soda has an RDA of just 7 (seriously), and activated charcoal has an RDA of 70-90.

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