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What are the health benefits of sweating?Updated 2 years ago

There are many health benefits to sweating - here are five:

  1. Circulation increases throughout our organs, muscles, and tissue.
  2. It's our body's natural way to rid itself of toxins, including pollutants from the air we live in.
  3. Our skin releases toxins such as alcohol and waste products, aiding detoxification.
  4. It eliminates salt from the body, which can help prevent kidney stones from forming.
  5. Prolonged sweating also leads to increased thirst and the need to drink more water, which is also helpful in lowering the possible formation of kidney stones.
  6. Finally, the pores on our skin open up and allow for a protective barrier to form against pathogens, thus reducing bacteria on the skin.

Sweating can also benefit skin problems such as acne.

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