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Why have my teeth become sensitive after using the Powdered Mineral Toothpaste?Updated 2 years ago

A sensitive tooth indicates lost minerals from your enamel. The toothpaste you currently use could leave a film over your teeth (especially if it is for sensitive teeth or contains glycerin).

This “film” is preventing remineralization from occurring. When you begin using Powdered Mineral Toothpaste, it thoroughly cleans your teeth and removes this film. Teeth sensitivity indicates demineralization of the enamel has occurred. It will take some time for the minerals from Powdered Mineral Toothpaste to remineralize your teeth.

Customers who have had the same experience and continued to use Powdered Mineral Toothpaste report that the sensitivity went away over time. We suggest brushing 3x a day for 1-2 weeks to speed up the process of replacing lost minerals.

You can also dip a wet finger into the Powdered Mineral Toothpaste and “pack” it around the sensitive tooth to help speed up the remineralization process.

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