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Gum Drops

How To Use Dirty Mouth Gum Drops - Video

Directions for use

You can use the Boost Gum Drops 4 different ways:.

Do I still need to use mouthwash if I use the Gum Drops?

We do not recommend using commercial mouthwash (it contains harsh ingredients that kill your natural bacteria and irritates your gum tissue). Gum Drops replaces your mouth wash and supports your dental health and normal biome.

Does this work with the Powdered Mineral Toothpaste?

We designed our Gum Drops to work with our Powdered Mineral Toothpaste and Mineral Toothpaste together, and they promote the health of your teeth and gum tissues!

Is it safe for children?

Yes, it is safe for children. However, if young children do not care for the taste, the serum can be diluted in water until they are used to it.