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Manual Toothbrush

Are the bristles soft?

Yes, the bristles are soft. Dentists always recommend using a soft bristle toothbrush to protect your enamel and gum tissue.

What is the correct way to brush my teeth?

If you are like me, your parents raised you to brush side-to-side. However, the correct way and most efficient way to brush your teeth is up and down. It will take a few brushings to break the side-to-side habit, but you will notice a difference when

Directions for use

Wet brush with cold water. Shake off excess water. Dip in Dirty Mouth Toothpowder or apply toothpaste. Brush teeth for two minutes. Store in an upright position out of water. SMILE!

What can charcoal infused bristles do for me?

The infused activated charcoal in the bristles of our bamboo toothbrush aid in brushing toxins, stains, and plaque away!. Activated charcoal binds to and removes the tannins from coffee, tea, tobacco, or other color-rich products that cause discolora

Why are the bristles black?

The bristles are charcoal-infused nylon.

Why did some bristles fall out the first time I used it?

Bamboo is a natural substance; it expands with moisture. It is normal for a few bristles to come loose or fall out with the first 2 to 3 uses. Once your brush has adapted to your home environment, you should not lose bristles.

Why are my gums sensitive after brushing with the charcoal toothbrush?

Bristles are soft and infused with charcoal. Please brush your first few uses lightly. The negative ions in the charcoal absorb toxins in mouth tissue, which can initially cause sensitive gums. However, your gums should feel clean and fantastic after

Is the brush/box recyclable?

YES! We are eco-conscious and want to reduce our footprint on the earth. Zero waste! Even though the box is recyclable, it is 100% biodegradable. The toothbrush handle and charcoal-infused bristles will biodegrade in approximately four months. We als

Can kids use this toothbrush?

Yes, our toothbrush is safe for all ages. However, the brush head is adult size, but many kids have enjoyed this toothbrush without any problems.

Where is the charcoal bamboo toothbrush manufactured?

As is typical, bamboo is grown in the agricultural regions of central china and then manufactured into toothbrushes in Zhejiang, China. We work closely with labor-audited, safety, and sanitation compliant manufacturer that produces quality home and p