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How long do the products last?

Primal Life Organics does NOT add water to any product (other than the Toners). Our products are very concentrated, and only a small amount is needed. Our products are sized to last two months when used twice daily. However, most clients can get them

Water in Skin Care

A common ingredient in commercial skincare products is water. Humans require water to live, so what could be wrong with it being the main ingredient in your skincare product? Many commercial skincare products, even natural ones, list water as the fir

Are your products vegan?

All of our dental products and most of our face products are vegan. A few of our moisturizers contain emu oil. A complete list of ingredients is listed under the description of each product.

Source of essential oils and other ingredients

We source our essential oils and other raw materials from various vendors worldwide.

Products safe pregnancy/breastfeeding?

We feel confident that none of our products pose a risk for pregnant/nursing women. However, we always recommend you check with your healthcare provider since they can advise you best.

Products safe for kids?

While we formulate our products using only natural ingredients, we recommend consulting with your child’s healthcare provider if you have any concerns.

Dental Boost Dispenser Issue

Having trouble dispensing the product from the tube? The good news is there is a simple solution! The container holds air that prevents the product from dispensing, and once the lid is unscrewed, opened, and resealed, the product dispenses.