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Sonic Toothbrush

Sonic Toothbrush How To Use - Video

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Sore lips while brushing with Real White Sonic Toothbrush

The brush heads are made from bamboo, a natural substance that can expand when wet. We recommend getting in the practice of keeping your lips apart while brushing instead of closing them in the shape of an "O." This should resolve the problem.

What are the bristles made of?

The bristles are made from castor beans infused with activated charcoal. They will biodegrade within 6 months.

How often do I need to replace the brush heads?

We recommend replacing the brush heads every three months or when the bristles are broken or bent. You can purchase replacement brush heads by clicking here.

Will our bamboo brush heads work with Philips Sonic toothbrush?

We do make our bamboo brush heads that are compatible with Philips Sonicare 3-6-9 Series. Please be sure to choose Philips Sonicare 3-6-9 Series while ordering.

Sonic brush head comes off the wand while brushing

Our sonic brush heads are made of all-natural ingredients, including cornstarch inside the head. Wetness and moisture can cause the cornstarch filling to become soft. Allow it to fully dry, and please be careful not to get the inside of the brush hea