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Did Not Whiten TeethUpdated 2 years ago

Our whitening gel will help remove surface stains immediately, and you may see a slight whitening quickly from this; however, if your enamel is thin, it will take longer to see more whitening results.

Depending on the thickness of your enamel, you might not notice as much of a whitening effect until you rebuild the enamel. As we age, we lose our enamel, which becomes thin (if you have any tooth sensitivity, this indicates your enamel is wearing thin and your teeth are in jeopardy). When the enamel becomes thin, the dentin (layer below the enamel) can show through, and the dentin color is yellowish/grayish.

Unfortunately, you cannot change the color of the dentin; instead, you need to rebuild your enamel. THAT is where our LED with the Whitening Gel comes into play.

The Whitening Gel has minerals to help rebuild the enamel as the RED/BLUE LED light helps kill bacteria that cause gingivitis, whiten the teeth, and restore the gum tissue.

However, it can take up to 3 months to rebuild enamel for some people. We recommend using the teeth whitener and gels 5 times a week for the first four weeks, then 1-2 times a week for life. You may need to use it more often, depending on the condition of your teeth. Our teeth are constantly losing minerals and exposed to acids, sugar, and bacteria. The more often you use the device and gels, the more your entire mouth and teeth will improve.

We would love to coach you through the whitening process.

Send us a message if you want further help.

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