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Can the LED device be used by multiple people?

Multiple people can use the device as long as it is properly cleaned between uses. However, we don't recommend sharing it with your dog because they may mistake it for a chew toy LOL! And remember - do not run the device underwater 💦

Does it cause any sensitivity?

No. Unlike harsh peroxide gels, the oil-based ingredients are gentle on your delicate gum tissue and tooth's enamel. As a result, there is no "stinging" of your gums or "icing" of your teeth like peroxide or bleach-based gels.

Is it safe for ceramic crowns and dental work?

Yes, it is safe for all dental work but will not lighten crowns or veneers - the gel only has the ability to whiten natural teeth.

Can the LED Whitener be used without the Real White Gel?

Yes, you can use the LED whitening system without the Real White Gel. However, for the best results, we do recommend using both together. The Whitening Gel contains hydroxyapatite and minerals to help restore the enamel. The RED/BLUE LED light helps

How long will it take to see results?

Results vary from person to person as it depends on the health of your teeth. If your enamel is strong, you will see a whitening effect within the first few uses. If you have thin enamel causing your dentin to show through, you will not begin to see

How often should I whiten my teeth?

We recommend 5x a week for the first four weeks. Then you can maintain the whiteness using it 3 times a week for life.

How long should I use the LED Whitener each time?

Your LED is pre-programmed with a 16-minute treatment cycle, and that's how long a full treatment is.

Do I need to purchase the Real White Gel?

Every LED Whitening Kit comes with 20 Treatments of Real White Gel. We recommend setting up a monthly subscription to have Real White Gel auto-shipped, so you do not need to worry about running out. We recommend doing 1-2 treatments a week for life t


Real White Teeth Whitening System may not whiten discoloration caused by medication, tetracycline, and tooth decay and will not change the color of crowns, partials, veneers...

Did Not Whiten Teeth

Our whitening gel will help remove surface stains immediately, and you may see a slight whitening quickly from this; however, if your enamel is thin, it will take longer to see more whitening results. Depending on the thickness of your enamel, you mi

Is this safe for kids?

Safe for kids of all ages with adult supervision. Make sure kids do not "bite" the silicone.