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What does a Serum do?

Here at the Primal Life Organics Headquarters, we like to say, “amazing skin is just a serum away!”. Serums are an incredible asset to any skincare regime- and we highly recommend adding one to your beauty routine. Because they are highly concentrate

How should I apply the serum?

Apply serums after your face wash and toner (if used). We recommend using a serum daily in place of a moisturizer to allow your skin to benefit from concentrated and potent ingredients. Serums can be used morning or at night; however, many apply thei

Can I use serum with a moisturizer?

Apply serums after your face wash and toner (if used). Yes, you can use both a serum and a moisturizer; however, unless your skin is dehydrated, you should only need to use one or the other per application. If you want to apply both, we recommend usi

How long will the product last?

1 oz serum will last two months when used as directed.

How often should I use a serum/moisturizer?

Your skin is exposed to pollutants, dry air, and toxic/harsh ingredients daily. To repair and prevent further damage, we recommend using serum or moisturizer at least twice daily on clean skin.

How much moisturizer should I apply?

Primal Life Organics formulates our moisturizers without water, fillers, or additives. This means you will need much less than a commercial moisturizer. We recommend applying a small pea-size amount (scoop out and warm between fingers, gently massage